Title: Steam Railways of Britain / Mushrooms & Toadstools
Release date: 01.04.06 (M&T) / 26.07.06 (SRB)
Format: Compact Disc
Catalogue: GRR001 / GRR002


1. It’s Akaroa’s Fault (premix)

2. I Don’t Mind (premix)

3. Audrey H. (live)

4. Seven Days

5. Nothing Left At All

6. On the Shoulders of the Earth (live)

Notes: Hand-numbered limited editions of 100 for sale at shows (Mushrooms) and 75 for the shops (Steam Railways). Each disc includes individual cut-out illustration from 'Blandford’s Mushrooms & Toadstools' or 'Blandford’s Steam Railways of Britain'. Cover artwork by Brooke Woolley. Sold out.